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Select a pickup window as part of the checkout process.

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At the chosen day and time, arrive at the Meat & Egg Salesroom.
1503 S. Maryland Dr., Urbana

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Come on in and let us know you're here!  We will have your order out shortly.


Helpful Information About the Process

Out of stock items cannot be added to your cart. If you cart has an out of stock item in it, it is because we ran out while you were shopping. You will not be able to check out with that item. This means that once you purchase an item, it will be available for you at pick-up. No need to worry that an item you purchase will be out of stock at pick up. It is reserved for you once you buy it. 

By default, out of stock item will not show up in the product grid. If you don't see something you expect, it might be out of stock. You can click on "Show Out of Stock Items" to see whether it appears there. 

You will have an option during check-out of available pick-up windows to choose from. Each pick-up window has a limited number of orders, so there may be a pick-up window you cannot see because it is full. Typically, the pick-up window will close to orders 6-12 hours before the start of the window to allow for us to prepare and pack your order. 

At this time we are only creating pick-up windows at the end of each week to ensure that we have an accurate stock of our inventory.

No, at this time we are only accepting credit card orders for Online Sales. If you purchase products in-person during our open hours, then card or check are acceptable for those purchases only. 

No, unfortunately our computers are shut down during this time.

A copy of your confirmation email (paper or digital) or your order number from that confirmation email. Orders will be organized by order number, so having this handy will speed up your pickup process.

If your order is not picked up by the end of your chosen pickup window, we will contact you with alternate times to pick up your order. To maintain the freshness of your order, we will place it in the freezer until you come to pick it up. You will have one week to pick up your order. If it is not picked up, we will cancel your order and refund your purchase price minus a $10 restocking fee.

Yes, they will need to know your last name and order number.

Yes, you can place more than one order yourself in a pick-up window or pick up someone else’s order.

Please submit any larger or specialty orders through our Special Request page and we will get back to you shortly on if we can get it done.

We are not taking side orders at this time.

The "default" is that items are frozen. Frozen items will be indicated as such in the item description. 

If you miss your pick-up window, we will freeze your entire order. 

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