Meat & Egg Sales

Meat & Egg Sales is an operation run by the Department of Animal Sciences and located on the University of Illinois campus in the Meat Science Lab (1503 S. Maryland Dr., Urbana, IL). We offer a wide variety of fresh and frozen meat products, as well as fresh eggs, from our university farms.

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Our pork is sourced locally from our university farms. We offer a wide range of pork products that include roasts and chops (fresh and frozen), and some more uncommon items such as organ meats and bones.  



Our beef, which is also sourced locally from our university farms and surrounding partners, is available to you both fresh and frozen. We offer a variety of steaks--Ribeyes, New York Strips, Filet Mignon, Flat Irons--as well as roasts--Chuck Roast, Tri Tip, Picanha, Rump Roast--plus Ground Beef and various other cuts. We have the beef perfect for any meal! 



We offer over 20 different original-recipe fresh and smoked sausages including our Cheddarwurst, Illini Homestyle sausage, and our famous fresh Bratwurst.  


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